Handmade with Love

Modern & Minimalist

Rainbow Moonstone Ring, ethically handmade in Bali by a family of expert jewelers.

Our Mission: Education for All

A portion of every purchase goes towards providing education to women & children in developing countries.


Your Solluna purchase provides funds to schools, teachers and children in need.


Educating women & children helps lift communities out of poverty.


Education empowers women. They start businesses, improve their home and take their lives back.

Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry

Our Commitment to Ethical Designs

At Solluna, we are committed to slow fashion and sustainable design. Our ethical journey began at the conception of the brand, when we partnered with artisans and makers in Bali to create beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. We knew that slow fashion was the way to go – not only is it more sustainable, but it also supports local economies and ensures that craftspeople are paid a fair wage for their work.