It started years ago, before the pandemic. Where can we find quality, handmade, jewelry with a minimalist style made by true artisans? Turns out, that question is harder to answer than we originally thought.

As more and more people were losing their jobs to automation, we embarked on a journey looking for true craftspeople. That search, landed us in Bali, Indonesia. A fascinating country of tropical weather, wonderful people and high-quality artisans. We teamed up with a family of jewelry artisan that's been crafting for generations.

Our goal is to provide high-quality handmade rings, bangles and necklaces while providing ethical wages and working conditions. Our artisans are paid a living wage and fare-trade prices for all their work. It may cost us more, but in the long run, it provides more for the family creating these unique and wonderful pieces.

We want to thank you for visiting Solluna and allowing us to become part of your life. It's a long road ahead, but we're happy to have you with us.


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